Who made this?

Hi! My name is Bradley. I created AppSec Cheat Codes while attending a 12 week batch at Recurse Center in the middle of 2021. If you are a programmer, even with only a few months of experience, I would highly recommend applying to Recurse Center. It is a great place to get better at developing software and to meet a fantastic community of people.

Why is this for programmers/software developers?

The premise of this web app is for people to learn application security through code. A programmer's primary skill set is first and foremost code. I find that there is not much out there for software developers to learn how to code securely in a hands-on manner. This web app hopefully helps to fill the void a little bit more.

What is next?

I have a lot more planned for what I want to add, though I won't be able to work on this full time anymore. Here is what I have in mind (not in any particular order):